New York’s Senior Living Share Captivating Dark Rock Single Off Upcoming EP

New York’s ironically young alternative rock band Senior Living are now streaming a captivating new dark rock track off an upcoming EP. Called “Bonnie Meets Clyde” and available on the 35mm EP dropping June 7, you can check the song out below. They cover a lot of ground with the comparatively brief musical foray, feeling like they’ve distilled into music a deeply set darkness like that from the original story their new single takes its name from. The group utilize a significant undercurrent of harshness on the song and it works really – almost even surprisingly – well, setting their work well apart, even while they operate within an accessible, mostly melodic framework.

The new song is one of only a small number available from the outfit, who began putting out material in fall 2017 with their “Give You The Moon” EP. Influence-wise, it’s hard to pin them down, which puts an extra dose of weight behind their music. The music feels like a transformation of feedback-driven shoegaze into something much darker, although still straightforwardly catchy. It’s a unique experience, feeling like an experiment with musical storytelling, which gets heightened by the fact that the instrumentation on “Bonnie and Clyde” really gets a chance to shine. The vocals are distorted and sit alongside the music the band put forward, rather than overwhelming it. Overall, the song is a fascinating combination of an array of elements into decidedly unique material that really sticks with you, pushing you along a path of understanding just how far rock instrumentation can go.

The band have got a show coming up on June 4 at the Paulys Hotel in Albany, New York, alongside Ohio’s up-and-coming screamo act For Your Health and the longer-running Shin Guard from Pennsylvania, whose 2019 release 2020 blends harsh screamo sensibilities with amazingly catchy flourishes.

The fact that they’re still this early in their work feels remarkable, because there’s a refreshing jolt of confidence inherent in Senior Living’s music percolating from the fact that they were willing to go there, transforming a whole array of familiar musical sensibilities into something all their own and begging the question of what else they’ve got up their sleeve.

Check it out: