Falls Of Rauros’ New Atmospheric Black Metal Album Crashes With Wonderful Intensity

The new Falls Of Rauros album Patterns In Mythology delivers a breathtaking atmospheric metal experience of what’s possible when our concerns are essentially enveloped into those of nature at large. The music flatly does not sit in any convenient classification — instead, it tells a story of confronting the void between our personalized, sentient experiences and the colorful, flowing collective we’re in the middle of. There’s a sense of our particularly human despondency over something drastic like death getting transformed into an illumination of the lengthy path ahead to the point of Patterns In Mythology feeling definitely subtly triumphant and even somewhat otherworldly at times.

The band accomplish this feat of musical enlightenment through an at times breathtaking array of textures. They freely pull from elements ranging from grounded and straightforward black metal brutality to acoustics to nontraditional-feeling instrumentation. In the midst of the storm, they even include some surprisingly catchy moments with clear-cut melody, ultimately keeping the listener guessing (and moving forward) around every turn. Creating a towering, dark but beautiful tapestry of sorts, the band feel most concerned with charting the path of a voyage into the great beyond with streaks of light darting across the horizon and sky overhead. They’re telling a story with their music — a story of a central figure falling off the edge only to find themselves in a whole new world of sound that they might not have even known existed. The new Falls Of Rauros album carries those experiencing it into something grand, instilling a feeling of getting carefully but forcefully infused with the power of nature.

Essentially every moment on Patterns In Mythology feels like it’s circling back around this core aim, with a clear passion underlying it all. At least compared to some alternatives, the record’s vocal work is even rather accessible, opening up another opportunity for an observer to get a foothold to participate while never losing the rousing, somehow ordered chaos that runs through and defines the whole record. On their newest effort, Falls Of Rauros have turned grinding intensity of black metal as drawn from the natural world into something pointedly epic and beautiful while clearly maintaining every bit of its essence.

The full album drops July 19 via Gilead Media. Don’t miss it.

Check out a single off the album below: