Three Highly Anticipated Super Intense Underground Albums Emerging This Fall

Options to find exciting new music are only increasing — in 2019, a whole host of widely talked about intense underground releases like new albums from meth., Nuvolascura, OLAM and more have already emerged and a ton more great stuff along those lines is on the way.

Here are three releases emerging in fall 2019 that sit somewhere on the spectrum of vicious, inherently caustic underground music and command attention even before they’re out in full. If you’re a fan of diving headfirst into illustrious chaos, don’t miss them!

Malevich – Our Hollow

Atmospherically fittingly enough called Our Hollow, the new album from Atlanta’s furious Malevich releases in full on October 25. It’s a devastatingly vicious ride through mayhem with an eye towards direct sonic oppression. The single “Held by the Throat” that’s available now gets right into music that feels like a row of chainsaws falling and rushing towards you all at once, with atmospheric sweeps coursing through that brutal grind to really drive this music’s psychological impact in deep. As the wonderfully exhausting track rockets towards its conclusion, the music turns towards a bit more of a blunt force trauma kind of deal — and it’s wild.

You really feel the sonic mayhem this band have to offer in your bones — it’s an exhilarating whirlwind that sweeps you up and kicks you down the road.

Our Hollow is the band’s second full-length album and will be available on vinyl and cassette via a whole host of labels, including Middle-Man Records, Fremen Death Commando Records, and Sludgelord Records for the vinyl along with Dead Red Queen Records and Zegema Beach Records for the cassettes.

Listen to “Held by the Throat”:

Frail Body – A Brief Memoriam

The latest music from the Illinois band Frail Body gets a bit more emotionally direct. Their new album A Brief Memoriam releases in full on November 1 via the well-known Deathwish Inc., and on the record’s currently available single “Pastel,” the group deliver a trip through utterly desperate emotional despondency.

Almost immediately, the music gets wildly, even blindingly fast, with immersive waves of caustic sound rushing in to the point where you kind of can’t help but consider the emotional, experiential implications of the space they’re carving out that ends up stretching into those dusty back corners of our mental homes. The music does prove richly dynamic as the song proceeds, but the underlying energy never abates.

At least in terms of the single’s overall presentation, there’s not really any kind of attention to “happiness,” catharsis, or some kind of light at the end of the tunnel at all. Instead, the band pack an emotionally honest journey into a sense of security shattering from the inside that’s happening this time thanks to apparent grief over the loss of a loved one communicated in the lyrics. That’s the commanding focus, and it’s an intense journey to say the least.

Check it out:


The latest music from Italy’s fierce Storm{O} feels like getting stuck in a time loop of a vicious car wreck — it’s a roller coaster that just slams into the ground at the end. In other words, they really rush full speed ahead into their bursts of musical energy, and they don’t feel like they hold a thing back at all, really. The result proves gripping and exhilarating.

On the band’s upcoming album’s currently only available single “Tempi Morti,” the band’s music is marked by abrupt shifts through various shades of chaos, including ferocious, rearing up heavy hardcore riff mania and blistering, grinding intensity that has the effect of careening straight for the gut and landing with a thud. It’s the music of chaos and of a moment or moments of destruction, and in diving into this wild jam, you can get a taste of that chaotic destruction and truly feel some of its effects. It’s an illuminating experience that’s really consuming.

FINIS TERRAE — which seems to translate to “The End of the Earth” — comes out in full on October 4 via Moment of Collapse Records, Skeletal Lightning, Zegema Beach Records, and more.