BEDTIMEMAGIC’s New Furious Noise Rock Lands With Psyche-Rattling Impact

The Boston group BEDTIMEMAGIC perform a pretty stunning, ferocious noise rock. On their new album Pillow Talk, they grab your attention with their manic sonic onslaughts, and then they keep you hooked with the personal emotional outpourings clearly packed into these songs. Turning on their new album feels somewhat like stumbling into some great hall that’s been left in ruins. Scattered remnants of what used to stand proudly litter the floor, and somehow, pondering the scope of the scene proves perfectly ridiculously epic.

BEDTIMEMAGIC have taken devastating grime and made it maybe not quite “catchy” in the traditional sense but still incessantly thrilling, like Pillow Talk is a true “rollercoaster” of an album. You’re quickly going to want to feel what comes next — it’s truly an adrenaline-riddled, manic experience, like stumbling around some forgotten carnival in the middle of the night.

Fundamentally, the band utilize a core of extremely tightly wound riff passages — only three out of the ten songs on their new album even crack the three-minute mark. But they don’t need any extra time: their latest creation truly proves a sonically rich tapestry, even while remaining distorted. The thick music really delivers on the first and repeated listens. It’s something to sink into; the band employ ample confident strength to allow kind of getting lost in the music. There’s no complication from stylistic obsession or whatever else — Pillow Talk is perfectly straightforward and captivatingly deranged-sounding.

While the band essentially never let up with their noisy chaos throughout the entirety of their new album, that’s definitely not all that BEDTIMEMAGIC have to say. They also pack emotionally desperate, “honest,” melodic passages into the mix that feel like a musical equivalent of one of those patches of beautiful foliage that you’re left wondering how on earth managed to grow in some manic rocky environment. It’s a humanizing contrast that brings this whole mixture that much “closer to home.” These songs aren’t just kicking around out in the void for the heck of it — BEDTIMEMAGIC have instead delivered a real and powerful exploration of these noisy, chaotic spaces, and the result is a clearly thrilling album.

5/5 Stars

Check some out ahead of its official full release on November 8 via Nefarious Industries.