French Screamo Group Yurodivy’s Latest Album Delivers Gripping Melodic Waves

On their new album Tell Me When the Party’s Over, the intensely heavy French group Yurodivy deliver waves of fierce melodic hardcore that feel like they’ve been amplified for their maximum emotional rather than just physical effect. To that end, the group includes tons of unique sonic flourishes, like somberly slow, emotional-longing drenched orchestral strings on their track “Four Drones.” Although there’s a clear and gripping core of rowdy but persistently forward hardcore-toned melody at the core of this album, Yurodivy’s searing delivery ensures that the music leaves a psychological mark. Breaking out of conventions and boundaries as they’ve done while keeping a steadfast attachment to the beam of their flowing melody ensures that uprooting chaos translates into that emotional realm.

The songs feel like a torrent of intense waves breaking against a shore, and listening to this latest piece from Yurodivy feels like an immersion into the kind of wild and volatile release of jumping in to float along with the chaotic waves. They establish their commitment to melodic frenzy right from the get-go, with a blindsiding speed up at the end of opening track “Parasite,” which ends up feeling like an opening salvo thanks to how furious their performances get.

Yurodivy’s guitar and bass tones, even outside of those more directly harried moments, feel scorching, and they’ve intertwined these streaks throughout Tell Me When the Party’s Over¬†with catchy, energy-carrying drum rhythm. The dragged out force of the moderately paced, accessibly melodic yet beastly core makes the whole album essentially feel soaked in emotional longing, like a frigid sonically expressed rainstorm.

Moments like the soft opening minutes of the lengthy track “Achievement” help spotlight the emotionally shredding melody that underlines the whole creation. Dramatic builds like on “At The End Of The Night” drive in the impact — the weight of the sonic cacophony grows and grows, but the intricacy remains definitively intact. By the blasting next-to-last track “Bad Habits,” Yurodivy have launched into a vicious frenzy — and they’re always melodically forward enough that the whole album feels like a ready-made ride through the chaos.

It’s an exciting trip, like these textures feel like a metaphorical magnifying glass focusing a searing spotlight of the energy.

5/5 Stars

Listen below! Get the album from Zegema Beach Records in North America — at this link if you’re in the U.S. and this link outside of it — and Fresh Outbreak Records over in Europe.