Plastic Sun Unravel With Captivating Intensity On Brooding New Rock Single

The relatively new U.K. group Plastic Sun shine with a uniquely dramatic yet personally emotionally accessible flair on the cruising rock of their 2020 single “Talking About You Man,” which is one of an array that they’ve already released throughout the year. The group sound like they’ve taken that classic, even slightly gothic-tinted rock that’s ready made for driving down the open road with the windows down and dialed up the personal expressionism. Here, lyrically speaking at least, the band address the wave of revelations of sexual harassment perpetrated by men in positions of cultural power, and the sounds of this song feel like dealing with and coming to terms with that ensuing anxiety in a way that keeps those affected by the abuse moving forward.

Much of the song runs on a combo of thickly intense yet never overwhelming groove and strikingly soulful, dynamic singing, which features strength that’s moderated by wavering dynamics that feel quite appropriate for the overall contemplative mood of the song. The band always stay pretty close to the pulsating core of the song, and that pulsing groove ensures a subtly forward moving listening experience. Eventually, even catchy electronica rings out amidst the bursts of guitar and bass groove, further establishing the uniquely personalized feel.

Towards the beginning of the song, the band’s vocalist sings: “Do you even realize that I’m so sick of it?” It’s a far too relatable emotion for far too many people, but the band capture and dive into a moment when there’s a chance to really assess the situation and — as if atop these restrained yet powerful rock melodies — move forward.

5/5 Stars

Check out “Talking About You Man” below!