The Missing Peace Pack Riveting Post-Hardcore On Brand New Single — Listen Here!

The Missing Peace, who describe themselves on their Bandcamp profile as “some chill dudes from Maryland who like to rock,” present a lively — and catchy — jaunt on their brand new single “we’re not weebs.”

Get a first listen to the track below!

The music sounds like a slightly mellowed out iteration of ambitious, modern post-hardcore, amplifying that style’s subtly anthemic qualities. The band keep their performances sounding welcomingly down-to-earth, as though interweaving a laid back rock vibe into their sonic tapestry. The melodies throughout this song feel smooth and roll out without much of a hindrance.

Alongside the friendly playfulness of the title and the rhythmically free-wheeling vibe throughout much of the song itself, the music here proves adeptly engaging. In foundational terms, the group sound relatively heavy, and the song sports a broad, formidable mix, while it often stays at least somewhat briskly paced, with that heightened energy amplifying a sense of sudden immersion within the band’s emotional world once hitting play. Their instrumentation is crisp and intricate, à la post-hardcore, while the music remains forward-moving.

The songwriting is strong, providing for a rejuvenating listening experience, as intriguing, urgent passion stays clear across the track through the poignantly soulful dynamics that The Missing Peace include.

Harsh vocals make a couple of brief appearances on the song — again in line with familiarly styled post-hardcore — but polished transitions between these segments impart a sense like easygoing emotional acceptance, as though really settling into the quiet inward unrest that the group sonically explore. It’s like a song-length experience of cathartically emerging from an emotional fog, with that haze noticeably distant — although still definitely visible — within this metaphorical scenario.

The song certainly reflects at least an impression of unease, but that’s definitely not presented as insurmountable. Instead, The Missing Peace sound more like they’re cruising down a (perhaps beach-adjacent) highway on a brightly sunny afternoon, inviting listeners for the ride.

Find The Missing Peace on Bandcamp here.

Listen to “we’re not weebs” below!