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Updates On This Website’s Focus And Future Direction

Captured Howls is a project of Caleb Newton, also found on the internet with the middle initial “R.”

For over seven years, I have written in various places online, including Bipartisan Report, New Noise Magazine, and occasional other blogs and sites. I have extensive experience in interviewing, having conducted what’s no doubt hundreds. I’ve written for both print and online, doing multiple cover stories for the print edition at New Noise Magazine, a publication I’ve always found cool because of their focus on musical artists who are sometimes underappreciated.

I was lucky enough to attend the University of Central Florida, but my writing career actually started years before obtaining that degree. I’m highly opinionated, but I strongly believe in the inherent value of much of the art that’s out there. Though you’ll find — for now — reviews on this site with a number grade attached, that’s just for convenience, and every single such example on Captured Howls rates the accompanying piece of music as highly as possible. I’m also not doing those ratings anymore.

As for what you will find, it’s going to be a little bit of everything. My interests in music are extremely wide-ranging, and I’m as much a fan of passionate pop as I am of incomprehensible noise and grindcore. I’ve also been exploring more electronics-based music lately, and it’ll continue from there. Though these elements are newer, you’ll also find coverage of historical and current cinematic experiences alongside other forms of art, like some of the interesting painting and sculpture exhibitions always found around NYC.

Though I took a bit of a break from this, my unifying interests through all of that remain the same: “stories untold elsewhere.” Captured Howls is about uncovering the perhaps unappreciated meanings and implications of art both familiar and unknown. Shallow reviews are profoundly uninteresting. Whether via reviews, interviews, news coverage, or some so far undiscovered form of grammatical entertainment, we’re trying to connect with people who make art — art that in reality is just another form of critical communication.

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