Assuming We Survive Craft Fresh Alt Rock ‘Chapters’ For Themselves With Newest EP

On October 12, Pop-Punk/Easycore band Assuming We Survive dropped their fourth addition to the music scene with Chapters. AWS leads into the EP with “Make It Out Alive,”  which features a vehement intro and gritty vocals. If you weren’t already into the track, the catchy lines of “so when I make it out alive, yeah I’m gonna be the one to tell you I’m alright” will have you singing along instinctively before you know it.

The second track seems to have a more calming demeanor than the lead-in track. “Just So You Know” seems to tell the story of accepting oneself, asserting that no matter what someone goes through, they’re not alone. This track could be the anthem of many struggling young adults who are going through identity struggles or home lives that are less than ideal. AWS wants you to know that you’re accepted by them and “millions” of others around the world who don’t care where you come from, or what you identify as because that doesn’t make you anything less than human.

“Tear Me” is easily the most-hard hitting, aggressive song on the EP. The track gives off a sort of Beartooth vibe, with a tinge of Falling in Reverse, which isn’t too surprising, considering they worked with FIR producer, Tyler Smyth. “Searching” is your typical Pop-Punk song. It’s a feels-good song about looking for the one, or “someone to call your own,” because loneliness can suck and friends aren’t always available to be there for you. The fifth track “Let You Down” is a slow ballad where you can really sense the emotion put into this release. The vocals and acoustics are beautifully done and don’t divert from the other tracks in the least bit.

“California Stoned,” the closing track, was released alongside a music video back in February and is full of energy, keeping with the tone of the rest of the EP. While played on Warped Tour this Summer, it was definitely a fan favorite and really got the crowd moving at each date. Needless to say, it was a good choice for a closer and keeps the fans anticipating more music in the future.

5/5 Stars

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