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This World Has Bees Chart Their Very Own Post-Rock Course On Debut EP ‘Nearer’

This World Has Bees play masterful experimental post-rock that keeps the style and their own music alive through an intelligent thickness. On their debut EP Nearer, the band presents a cascade of music instead of a trickle, seemingly understanding the power of presenting something like the musical equivalent of an intensely flowing river or stream rather than keeping themselves more reserved.

The band’s songs prove elongated and drawn out, considering their broad apparent stylistic aim (post-rock and post-metal), but at the same time, their sound remains all their own. Somehow they’ve crafted huge instrumental tracks that keep their heads above water as the metaphorical storm rages around them. They’ve packed some important texture into their work that in a way is pleasantly unpredictable, keeping the listener guessing as to what comes next as the band makes its way along. They present careful song structures filled with a range from gentle playing to harsher metallic elements.

Through their whole work, no matter what precise tempo they’re employing, This World Has Bees maintain an important sense of control. There’s no chaos here. The band’s songs revolve around a discernible melody, and they demand the listener’s attention in part through placing that melody in perhaps unfamiliar environments. On a strictly musical level, we’re left marveling at how music can sound while listening to Nearer.

The melody becomes what the band makes of it, perhaps indicative, in a broad metaphorical sense, of the “music” inherent in the world around us. The beauty sits “out there,” even amidst the harsh realities and ups and downs of the world, and This World Has Bees put at least a snapshot of that to paper via Nearer. It’s important, explorative music for the curious soul that charts its own course, even in a world of distractions of all kinds.

5/5 Stars

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