Greenleaf Craft Masterfully Humanized Sludgy Rock On Newest Full Length ‘Hear The Rivers’

Greenleaf present a uniquely personable hard rock vision on their 2018 full length, Hear The Rivers. They’ve crafted a piece few other bands seem able to. Their work feels down to earth and like the music of the “everyman,” while at the same time remaining carefully polished and forceful in its presentation. They stay well away from gimmicks or ambitions that bend their music an obvious direction, something that sometimes plagues “dirty” off the edge rock bands. In a way, their music isn’t that complicated, but it’s beautiful all the same. Sometimes the best beauty springs forth from clever and deeply thought out simplicity.

They’re clearly and obviously melodic throughout the bulk of their work, but Greenleaf also have an apparent sense about the usefulness of drawn out, sludgy song structures. They present a thick music that sounds like so much more than just four guys playing. Their songs craft a space for the listener to come in and explore, maybe coasting along while the band drives or having a more active good time. The band balances these considerations quite effectively, presenting a humanized work that can meet people where they are — and take them someplace new.

They even present a careful thematic presentation – it’s not just the music that’s special. Each song’s lyrics feel carefully written, telling stories of loss and well beyond in one’s personal life that “show” and don’t just tell. Each song feels thoughtful. On that note, the personable, freeform vocal work from Arvid Hällagård contributes significantly to the effectiveness and pointed nature of the overall picture of the work.

The songs, both thematically and sonically, approach the point of being easily visual- they’re that effectively crafted. It’s like you’ve suddenly been strapped in for a thrill ride upon pushing “play.”

Greenleaf prove a gem hidden out there in the alternative but heavy rock world, clearly knowledgeable about what they’re doing – which makes sense considering that they’ve been at this since before 2000. Hear The Rivers presents a space for fans of music ranging from hard rock to doom metal and nearly everything in between to come in and find a place.

5/5 Stars

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