Spectral Fires Pack A Fresh Punk Paradigm Into Their New ‘Turn Toward the Sun’ EP

In an impressive feat, Australia’s Spectral Fires feel concerned with a form of musical universe-building on their Turn Toward the Sun EP, out December 7. The band’s personal experiences and their unique and expansive punk sound converge to spark a release that’s at once boundary pushing and just simply exciting for a fan of alternative heavy music.

Spectral Fires’ music features added dynamic flourishes that let listeners take off any number of directions when taking in their sound. On the one hand, there’s a careful emotional thread tying the band’s songs together that gives the musicians and fans alike something to circle back to. Parts of the new release encapsulate the true emotion of “we’re all in this together.”

Both the vocal work and the music itself feature this thread. The band’s tunes have an immersive feel at times that provides the listener with a sense of support. Spectral Fires’ songs have exploratory breadth to them, becoming carefully and fittingly loud as easily as the band turn contemplative. In other words, their emotion doesn’t drop off when getting to the end of their lyrics — but the personal perspective doesn’t overwhelm the listener either, and there’s a space for them to take off and explore new musical territory.

On top of the emotional thread, Turn Toward the Sun packs an approaching horizon of energetic music (that interestingly enough feels in line with its title). Rather than only focusing on a particular emotional texture with their presentation, Spectral Fires expand beyond into a realm of the drive and energy that hold us — and our emotions behind the scenes — together. Their songs feel as fitting for an exciting live punk show as they are for more personal sessions. If you want to take off down the open road in the convertible that for now might just be in your imagination — these songs are for you.

Ultimately the EP feels like it could keep going and it wouldn’t get old. The band sound like they’ve got more to say. In the meantime, it’s impressive that they impart the sense of rousing and involved excitement that turns unique corners via their music that is available.

5/5 Stars

Listen to a single below.