Immerse Exclusively Here In A Surreal & Intense New Post-Rock Video From Brady

The emerging Chicago band Brady have now got their intense and captivating second single ready to go. You can dive in for the first time exclusively below via the song’s poignantly attention-grabbing video, which walks viewers through a surreal portrait of lives under the microscope. This song “Twist the Knife” sonically feels in line with what the title suggests, delivering intense, melodic approximations of an experience like kayaking through rapids while you’re not quite certain what awaits on the other side. The song really gets going right from the start and doesn’t particularly let up. Thanks to the power and precision with which the band employ their smoothly proceeding intensity and the definitely memorable and accessible lyrics, the band still manage to tell a powerful story of maybe not coming to terms with but at least starting down a road towards realization of eroding forces continually hurled at our individuality.

You can experience the focused intensity of the band for yourself live in coming days as the group make their way across the Midwest for a short tour, with stops in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Illinois. Keep scrolling to the end for full info!

Brady includes members like Flesh & Bone Records head Jake Morse. Discussing the overall direction of “Twist the Knife,” the band’s vocalist Sam Boyhtari shares:

I think this song encompasses a lot of the themes you’ll hear from us. We are born into a system that doesn’t care about us. We don’t have a say in this matter. We are part of a machine, made to believe we are taken care of. And trying to alter the course of the machine seems like a hopeless endeavor at times. We fight when it’s possible, but we often feel helpless when the few, who have power of the many, use their power to protect antiquated ideals, rather than to make the world a better place.

Behold the video for yourself below. It’s the work of Bobby Markos of the experimental rock band Cloakroom, who films and produces as part of his company Documavision.

Brady tour flyer, w/ dates and venues: