Dive Into The Beauty Of New Single “Rooh” From Only Hindi Language Post-Rock Band

Some of the most powerful music easily crosses cultural and geographic boundaries. Along these lines, the apparently only currently operating Hindi language post-rock band aswekeepsearching have delivered a stunning new single “Rooh” taken from their upcoming full-length album of the same name, out September 27. The elevated track comes with a video that drives in the soaring and captivatingly confident strength of this band’s performance. Musically, aswekeepsearching seem to really capture a sense of finding at least some soaring, reassuring beauty in a tumultuous, even chaotic environment.

Their new song feels like a sonic encapsulation of ocean waves coming in one after the other in a powerful, alluring pattern on some sunny day. There’s a beauty on the surface — and indeed, the performances and production on “Rooh” really are top-notch, coming in with a focused and precise power — while a deeply set power lurks just beneath, which gets exemplified here by the utterly epic, flourishing “finale.” The song is about four minutes and fifteen seconds long, and the finale build begins all the way back just after the two and a half minute mark.

Although the passionate and powerful vocal performances from this band are in Hindi, the band provide translations of their lyrics into English on their Bandcamp page and even if you don’t know Hindi, “Rooh” still proves an accessible and simultaneously beautiful and powerful musical experience.

Early this August, the band embarked on a 20 city album listening tour throughout their home country, and they apparently have plans to travel to Europe, Australia, and China (and maybe more places) come 2020, bringing their stunningly powerful musical flourishes to new audiences. They’ve already attracted attention outside their home country with standout performances at Belgium’s dunk! Festival and Pelagic Fest in Germany and a 15-date tour across Europe following their 2017 album. With their forthcoming Rooh (the third from the group),¬†their music seems perfectly poised to remain a substantive treat for those looking to take their musical experiences to the next level.

Step out of your comfort zone and into this powerful ride below. The video follows the apparent story of a romantically involved couple following some kind of script for their actions that leads them to an eventual unsettling break. Lyrically, the band are dealing with connected themes of facing a threat of detachment from an interest to which the speaker had previously been closely tied.