Kick Back With An Exclusive New Antsy Dance Punk Single From Cheap City

Have you ever wanted to turn your anxiety into a dance? Have you wished you could shake the building anguish away? The Massachusetts genre-bending dance punk band Cheap City have got you covered with their brand new track “Do The Pitchfork,” which feels like a potent musical encapsulation of letting loose. Listen for the first time exclusively below.

The track helps prove how sometimes, grinning your way through the mayhem proves an irresistibly alluring option. Musically, the band roll out elements ranging from driving, heavy, but not too overwhelming melody to very smoothly incorporated noodling on the guitar. The song’s ingredients — which go on from there — come together strikingly cohesively and smoothly thanks to the energy in this song, really. It’s going forever forward with plenty of intensity to let you hop on for the ride — and dance along the way.

Cheap City feel definitively unique, and like they’ve settled into some real potent self-expression. There’s never an overwhelming sense of getting bogged down by that noodling or any other sonic garnish, however neat. “Do The Pitchfork” musically packs the experience of — well, doing the pitchfork.

The band explain:

“The pitchfork” is the newest dance craze sweeping the clubs of Cheap City. We are pleased to provide you with audience / audio instructions to perform the dance yourself. Perfect for whenever some lame-o is trying to show off their knowledge of obscure indie bands. Just DO THE PITCHFORK.

When it comes to the themes, and what exact internet sensation this pitchfork dance captures a reaction to — if you know, you know.

The band have a number of shows coming up across the northeastern United States, so if dancing to punk music is your jam, you’re in luck. These range from a September 14 stop in Brooklyn to dates in Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and elsewhere stretching into November. Check out their Bandcamp profile and Facebook page for more information.