Experience Triumphant Cave-Recorded Post-Rock From Hungary’s TÖRZS Right Here

The Hungarian post-rock band TÖRZS have carved themselves out an inescapably unique space in the increasingly globally interconnected music community — almost literally. Their upcoming album Tükör was recorded in a cave in a national park in their native country, and this stunning environment contributes to a subtly but surely stunning feel coursing through their creation. Listen for the first time below to the new album’s final track “Hatodik,” which really packs in the immersive, mentally illuminating sense delivered by the band’s work.

The track builds gradually, eventually getting to a strikingly lush blanket of sound that builds with the textural work of musicians clearly driving their work forward. There’s the immersive atmosphere that you might associate with the cave system and the gradually increasing, dynamic layers of free-form rock instrumentation, but there’s more than enough of a focus in the way these sonic waves are crashing that there’s consistently a real sense of security giving rise to fascination.

The gradually but very substantively unfolding nature of this track feels like the musical equivalent of stepping into some neglected emotional (or physical) environment. It’s a world where possibilities remain pretty open, and the music and its experience remain breathable. What you find or make happen on the other side proves up to you, really.

On their Bandcamp page, the group explain their overall latest undertaking as “meant to inspire self-reflection, to conjure ideas about how we see ourselves in one another, how our paths through life parallel, and how these related images can become distorted based upon who’s perceiving them and how.”

They’re probing the depths of communication with ourselves and others about the world around us, and as they note, their entirely instrumental music proves an entirely fitting medium for this endeavor. How far can we go?, they seem to ask.

Check out “Hatodik” below, and pre-order Tükör now at this link.

After the full album releases on October 18 via A Thousand Arms Music, there will also be a video premiering of the band performing the entirety of the album in its original cave environment.