Check Out This Exclusive Fierce Anthemic Metalcore From Iran’s Calibre

The Iranian metalcore band Calibre sound fierce in the new video for their brand new single “The Agony,” which packs a relentlessly flowing surge of technically proficient brutality. The perfectly familiar-feeling video chronicles what seems to be the process of recording the song. Check out a premiere below.

The band’s vocalist Amin Yahya Zadeh mostly performs with very accessible growls that let listeners in on the emotional undercurrents driving this song while Calibre keep the intensity firmly in place. There are some deeply moving, powerful clean vocal segments on this song too, and the diverse elements fit together quite cohesively, like this song is truly more than the sum of its parts.

The dynamics that the band include right alongside their song’s incessant strength help turn this track into an almost immediately deeply personal-feeling experience — it’s not just musicians performing, it’s the band inviting listeners to a shared experience of powerfully breaking through boundaries. While the band have got pretty captivating riff patterns, they’ve also got a clear opening for that personal experience of confronting emotional desperation. Ultimately, their new song “The Agony” feels like a subtly powerful, darkly invigorating anthem — don’t miss it!

The band first got together in 2015, and they’ve performed a steady stream of successful shows since then, including sold-out stops around 2017 and 2018.

Check it out below ahead of the band’s debut full-length record coming out this December via Sweden’s Downfall Records.