Listen Exclusively Here To Dead Hour Noise’s Brand New Brutal Mathcore Frenzy

The Michigan mathcore band Dead Hour Noise pack a perfectly blood-curdling rush into their new song “The Texas Effect,” which you can listen to for the first time exclusively below. The track is the first available off their upcoming full-length album Sleeping Dogs, which is slated to come out on January 10, 2020, with CDs available via Silver Maple Kill Records. It’s the group’s first new song since July 2017, when they released a split 7″ with fellow intense heavy Michigan band Hordes.

Dead Hour Noise’s new track begins on a perhaps familiar note of intensely wound up, technically dazzling riffs intense enough to feel brutal, and the rush begins from there. Right away, the band’s music feels like it simply rushes forward like the sonic encapsulation of an angry mob or, more directly, a crazed individual melting down. The straightforward technicality gives way to chaotic, strangely hypnotic instrumental blasts, deranged sounding vocals, and even a segment with some straight-up heaviness like they’ve morphed from a wildly frenzied mathcore band into some devastating sludge metal band with riffs for days. Each of these segments blend together with a thrill.

The abrupt transitions through these various parts give the song an extra unsettling feeling, and the track ultimately ends up feeling quite experiential — like mentally at least, you really went on a roller coaster by the time it’s through. Thanks to the balance of dynamics and devastating brutality, this song feels incredibly real.

Check out the track! If you ever wondered what it would sound like if some of the most brutal hardcore mixed with some of the most intricate mathcore, you’re in luck — here’s the musical meltdown for you.