Stream Immersive New Poetic Americana From Jess Adams Exclusively Here

Nashville-based singer/songwriter Jess Adams delivers a pretty spectacularly irresistible confidence on his new single “LUIH,” which, fittingly considering the music’s energetic tone, stands for laugh until it hurts. The track is the first single from Adams’s debut full-length album Riverstone, which will be releasing in early 2020 via A Diamond Heart Production. In the meantime, listen to the musically glistening “LUIH” for the first time exclusively below.

Adams’s music hinges, quite simply, on his vocal work and guitar playing from collaborator Jannek Zechner, but they’ve included such deep emotional resonance in those components that they might as well be performing with the biggest band imaginable — and indeed, choral backing vocals do appear throughout “LUIH.” The passionate guitar playing slowly but surely builds in intensity throughout the song while other musical elements simultaneously amplify, and the combined effect elevates the overall emotional experience. In short, thanks to the powerful crescendos that Adams and Zechner have packed in here, you just about can’t help but get swept along for the wistful musical journey.

Although Riverstone is the debut album from Adams, he’s already built a public profile for himself. Via the following he’s gained for his previous work, including poetry, he crowdfunded the costs of that debut album. Additionally, some of his poetry has even already been in print — he’s included in a book called Crown Anthology, which a publisher describes as “celebrating self-love, self-worth, and empowerment” — which most definitely continues into this music.

Without further ado — check out the new track below! Adams and Zechner are apparently already set to be recording more music soon. Follow Adams on Instagram at this link and Zechner at this one.