Check Out Exclusive Thrilling Debut Post-Rock From Italy’s The Black Garden Circus

For an entirely instrumental, barely four minute long song, the title track from The Black Garden Circus’s upcoming debut album “Everything is Different” feels strikingly captivating. Available via Shunu Records, the debut from that Italian group sees their music get right into an intricate, galloping melody that the band quickly build upon. Check out an exclusive first listen below ahead of the full album’s release on January 17.

This song is not only the debut single from their debut full-length album. It’s also the first studio recorded track available from the band at all — and it lands with confidence-driven power. The performances from guitarist Paolo Cirillo and drummer Gianluca Zannone are strong; they always feel like they know exactly where they’re going, in a sense. On this first track from the group, there’s never a moment of questionable uneasiness in which the music just hangs there. Instead, the melody-driven energy always keeps proceeding.

Right when a listener might feel comfortable with the subtly hypnotic opening rhythms of “Everything is Different,” the band launch into more intense textures — and then they do it again. They introduce more pointedly dramatic melodies around the one minute mark, and following that intro, their music gets even heavier and more physically intense feeling. The band expertly accomplish filling out their sound throughout the course of the song. It’s easily accessible runtime does not represent a lack of grandeur. They pack just the right amount of drama and intensity in here while keeping the melodic backbone strong. Even more dramatic, repeating melodies that mark the end of the song land perfectly.

Check it out below! Pre-order at this link.