Italy’s Decacy Feature Captivatingly Intricate & Fiercely Heavy Screamo On New Album

On their catchy new album Non Cambierà, the Italian group Decacy deliver a fierce melodic energy-fueled rush through chaos. They’ve blended an intense but contemplatively meandering math rock feel with the relentless forward energy of crushing melodic hardcore and screamo, and from this foundation, they’ve grown a unique musical beast that makes listening feel like slowly but surely dancing along as chaos rages on all sides.

Their music’s foundation sports the intense chaos. Repeatedly, the group rev up their performances with gradually intensifying (but always captivating) drum rhythm and noodling guitar melodies, and often, like on the track “Limiti” and towards the very end of their new record, Decacy bring all of these both louder and softer elements together for perfectly more dramatically flourishing energetic surges. Mostly, outside of those more dramatically repeating moments, Non Cambierà feels carried along by flippantly galloping along riffs and groove, which sometimes get quite catchy with engaging crunchy bass lines thrown in for good measure.

The group’s tones always feel thick, like they’re borrowing guitar set-ups from a melodic hardcore band, and this feature helps bring their music to its unique combo of intensity and ambitious musical exploration. They’ve made the experience of these incessant and crushing melodies more “fun,” in a sense. The energy’s not overwhelming; it’s at just the right level to easily latch on for the ride.

The songs feel, on a bird’s eye view level, comprehensively well crafted with a careful attention to the overall journey. There aren’t really any loose ends — every moment leads into something additionally exciting and fresh. Called “Voragine,” the first song alone features a headspinning dynamic range. After guitar noodling and rapidly pitch-shifting guitar and drum blasts unfold in the midst of louder cacophonies, the band settle into softer rhythm followed by moderately paced dramatic drum blasts that feel at first pass like an entirely different song. But really, those softer moments (and there are plenty) feel like just the perfect place to situate the frenzied rush for energy at the core of this album.

The energy sticks — and it’ll get you moving, or at least feeling like it.

5/5 Stars

Check out the music below!