Check Out A Premiere Of Brightly Energetic New Post-Rock From Solkyri Right Here

Australia’s Solkyri perform a gently substantive post-rock on their new album Mount Pleasant that glides between thick but accessibly smooth riffs, engagingly energy-funneling drum rhythm, and more. Check out the group’s new single “Shambles” below!

The song features gently cascading rhythm, like the musical equivalent of a babbling brook. It’s quite nice, really — the tones are light and airy, and the intricacies of the guitar riffs flow into that consistent forward energy, which is driven along by consistent and gradually intensifying drum rhythm. The riffs and rhythms feel off-kilter just enough to provide this entirely wordless song with its personality of confronting volatility, but the band never sound like they go all of the way over the edge, off into chaos. There’s just a sense of peering at and perhaps marveling at the musically expressed possibilities while firmly planted in the engaging and cohesive, subtly day-brightening melodies of the song.

Around the middle point of the new single, most of the music falls away and just sweeping electric guitar strums and soft, chiming tones remain for long enough to give the band a chance to build back up their mellow tone-driven but consistently energetic groove. The closing moments feature just about all of the instruments wheeled out once more, as the uniquely personable track’s consistently surging sounds feel like they’re reaching, reaching for something especially bright just around the corner…

Check out the new song below! Mount Pleasant releases in full on March 6 via Bird’s Robe Records in Australia and dunk! records/ A Thousand Arms Music in the E.U. and U.S. Click through for pre-orders! The dunk! records page can be accessed at this link.