India’s aswekeepsearching Premiere Gently Uplifting New Post-Rock — Listen Here!

Following their 2019 album Rooh, the India-based post-rock band aswekeepsearching are back with a new collection of gentler songs called sleep, which drops in full on April 17. Get an intriguing first listen below to the album’s new single “Sleep Again”!

The core of the new song features a steady, gently intensifying piano melody, accompanied by drawn out, ambiance-setting apparent synth tones in the background and, occasionally, somberly beautiful orchestral strings, which come more into the center as the track draws to a close.

There’s a gentle push flowing throughout the whole piece. Moments of uncertainty and unease never really emerge; instead, the band softly but persistently progress through their melodies with the feel of the album’s cover art, which features a solitary figure lying in a field of flowers. There are no lyrics, so the song feels especially contemplative, and the focus clearly feels on gentleness and where it can be found, even amidst the large, post-rock-like melodies of the song. Listening feels subtly refreshing, like the feeling of watching the sun slowly creep up over the horizon to start the day.

The song proves startlingly and enrichingly immersive, like it’ll leave you stopping to pausing the finer points and moments of life. “Sleep Again” feels connected to the drawn-out melody of post-rock and the sonic immersion of shoegaze, ambiance, and even more straightforward experimentalism, but aswekeepsearching put a uniquely, subtly bright spin on the mix because of their gentle melodic persistence on “Sleep Again.”

Listen below! Click through for pre-orders.