Baltimore’s Under The Pier Premiere Ripping New Heavy Mathcore — Listen Here!

The new Baltimore mathcore group Under the Pier will be dropping their debut full-length album Puff Pieces on May 1 via Dark Trail Records. It’s been recommended for fans of Into The Moat, The Red Chord, and Botch — quite a lineup, of course, and suggesting the intricacy of the most mind-spinning mathcore getting funneled through the brutal performances of the fiercest metallic hardcore — and you can get a first listen below to their latest single, the quite aptly titled “A State of Heightened Anxiety.”

The band pack a super heavy ferocity right in with the intricately reverberating, gut-rattling chaos that might soundtrack flailing through the air after getting kicked over the side a cliff. The psychologically upended spin of the wildest mathcore runs through the song, but all the tones, including the occasionally growled vocals, have an extra tough edge. It’s as if the center perspective of the song features flailing and crashing into the ground over and over again, getting drenched in bloody sweat.

After an unsettling opening barrage of feedback and contorted audio samples that sound like they’re emanating from a smashed radio, the new song from Under the Pier begins with spastically orchestrated, beastly freakouts before devolving into more of a mad rush around the middle point, at which time the whipping guitars and chaotic rockslides of drum blasts feel like they mesh together for an avalanche of gut-punching brutality. Throughout the piece, the tense performances sound like they’re absolutely drenched in venom — it’s a menacing, thrillingly staggering sonic beast.

Check out the music below! And make sure to click through for pre-orders, which can also be found at this link.

Baltimore, interestingly enough, sports a growing roster of mathcore musicians whose work circulates substantially, including Euclid C Finder, The Wind In The Trees, NoiSays, and more. The city also features other groups like the screamo band Eyelet and the post-hardcore band Pianos Become The Teeth. Perhaps there’s something in the water.