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Aesthesys Premiere Ambitiously Otherworldly Progressive Rock — Listen Here!

The Moscow, Russia-based progressive rock group Aesthesys drop their new album Alignments on May 28, featuring a journey into some of rock’s most aggressively horizon-expanding qualities. Get a first listen below to the group’s new single “Obey” and its accompanying remix “Obey (Thy Framework),” which funnel extended rock rhythm through some kind of otherworldly filter thanks to the orchestrated yet boundless energy ringing out through the pristine electronica-infused mix.

“Obey” begins with confrontationally energetic electronica rhythms streaking across the song’s horizon like a street full of neon lights suddenly flickering on as night falls. As the song’s middle point approaches, Aesthesys launch into towering guitar and drum rhythms that quickly take on the same kind of rapidly shifting energy as the initial electronica, which itself continues on in the background. Rhythms repeat with a dramatically regal flourish as the band feel like they’re rushing along that sonically suggested neon light-filled street. The riffing gets quite a bit heavier as the song winds down, although even that’s not enough to upend the exploratory energy of the song’s main core.

“Obey” feels like the soundtrack to a scene in an ambitiously vibrant science fiction film when characters arrive at some volatile yet intriguing new world. A sense of wonder permeates the energetic rhythms, as if they’re setting down the feeling of journeying to someplace entirely new via the intensity that’s funneled into the consistently forward presentation. The remix track featured alongside “Obey” features similar rhythm performed on significantly more erratic and sometimes heavy electronica, which adds an extra level of flippant determination to the whole experience. Both tracks feel like a dance through some ominously dehumanized cityscape.

Check out the music below! And nab pre-orders for Alignments at this link. The album is founding member Nik Koniwzski’s tenth release under this name since 2008.