Aesthesys Premiere Ambitious Video For Spacey Post-Rock Single — Watch Here

The Moscow-based progressive rock group Aesthesys have premiered a new music video for their single “Obey,” which appears on their new album Alignments that drops on May 28. The immersively vibrant video poignantly amplifies the spacey feel of the track, which features a sometimes rapidly reverberating, progressing energy coursing through intricate rhythms performed on both electronica and more traditional rock band instrumentation. Get a first look below at the group’s new video!

The video features neon flashes across sights like a futuristic cityscape, which flows along with the music, Inception-style. The imagery, which also includes sights of space travel and of an astronaut experiencing some kind of artificially enhanced bursts of suddenly emerging plant life, suggests some alternate near future in which, as the song title suggests, technocratic control has been extended to an absolutely staggeringly comprehensive level.

“Obey” feels well-suited to the information-driven space age, as the melodies prove rich and expansive yet pristinely presented. The group quips in their Bandcamp bio that they’re “robots’ and neural networks’ most favourite progressive rock band” and are “soon to be the official soundtrack of the AI uprising,” and the descriptions honestly seem quite apt. There’s a wealth of resounding force in the band’s creations, but there’s never chaos. Aesthesys instead consistently present strikingly precise songcraft, like a sonic encapsulation of the looming potential of modern tech progressing into something even more nefariously permeating than it already is.

Alignments is founding Aesthesys member Nik Koniwzski’s tenth release under the Aesthesys name since 2008, and it’s the third album from the current full band incarnation of the project. Check out the group’s new video below!