Blue Noise Deliver Captivating Intensity On New Post-Black Metal LP — Listen Here!

Blue Noise — the Ann Arbor, Michigan-based solo project of the multitalented Maya Chun — has now issued a roaring new album called World of Harm, which is available via Zegema Beach Records, which has also released all of the project’s previous material. The latest record features a uniquely ripping onslaught of black metal-esque ferocity that’s been infused with the poignant dynamics of a number of other styles, like the gut-punching crescendos of powerful screamo and the meaty, intricate riffing of more contemplative yet still intense mathcore-esque tunes. Get a first listen below!

World of Harm opens with walls of searing guitar riffing that feel thick with feedback to the point of suffocation. The record also quickly features poignant, emotionally heavy rhythms that course through the mix, which packs repeated crescendos up into some kind of pained bliss along with repeated dial-downs into softer, more contemplative moments, like the melodically swaying guitar segment on track two, called “What a Shame.” There’s a real somber feel to the melodies that do emerge amidst the blistering haze, and World of Harm as a whole feels like an expertly tuned beast that funnels excruciating black metal ferocity into a chest-thumping, emotionally illuminating creation.

As this latest record from Blue Noise proceeds, the melodies ringing out in the mix like bolts of lightning in a thunderstorm-covered sky honestly get more and more emotionally upending, it seems. The opening segments of track four, called “Before God,” even sound somewhat fitting as a soundtrack for some portion of a horror movie, considering the somberly startling dynamic swings that are in the music. That particular song ends up with a poignantly immersive, post-metal feel as the initially restrained, extended rhythms repeat and gradually build into the (still somber) flashes of the ferocious conclusion.

There’s a lot more packed into this record, too. The album would likely appeal to fans of bands like Respire, An Autumn For Crippled Children, and other bands who perform sometimes intensely hallucinatory yet always captivatingly rhythmic blackened chaos.

Check out the music below, which was mastered by Mac Porter and features art by Kyle Calvert. (Check out more of Calvert’s work on Instagram at @kcalverttattoos.) Nab a cassette copy of the release from Zegema Beach Records. Order at this link if you’re in the U.S. and this link if you’re outside of it.

The run includes 73 cassettes, including:

  • 25 on dark blue
  • 26 on pink swirl
  • 8 on dark swirl
  • 5 on clear
  • 4 on purple/copper
  • 5 test dips

All of the copies come with a jcard and download code. Check out photos below!


Pink Swirl
Purple/ Copper
Dark Swirl
Dark Blue