Colossal Rex Unfurl Captivating Intensity On Latest Doom-Infused Heavy Rock

Switzerland’s heavy rock group Colossal Rex deliver powerful, earth-moving rock intensity on their new jam “Seer,” which leads off their now available album Bloodletting. The leaping, heavy rhythms have an undercurrent of viciousness, but the band have funneled that snarling atmosphere into immensely propulsive rock rhythm that keeps up for basically the track’s entire runtime. The roared but not overwhelming vocals alongside the heavy instrumentation amplify this feeling of beastly energy getting funneled into snaking wisps of groove.

“Seer” has a heavy, doom-laden atmosphere, but Colossal Rex never meander around. Instead, the whole mix feels endlessly pushed along by big, booming rock energy, which gets brought down to earth a bit, so to speak, via the doom-laden, heavy atmosphere. The net effect of the combo means that the song provides a rocking good time without spiraling off too far into some unwieldy place.

“Seer” mostly stays pretty heavy and thick, with the leaps of rhythm on the guitar and drums propelling listeners right along with the band. The music does thin out a bit towards the end of the song in order to give some space for some powerful guitar riffing atop the steady percussion rhythm that continues on in the background. It’s a nice summation of the band’s whole approach — they take the grimy, extended feel of sludgy, doom-laden rock, and they amp up the energy (at least on “Seer”), thereby turning the whole experience into a bit of a party.

Who couldn’t use something like this new track’s funnel of energy into an energetically good time?

5/5 Stars

Check out Bloodletting in full below