Dream Pop Group Circumnavigate Pack Rich Emotional Dynamics On New Single

The currently London-based dream pop group Circumnavigate have crafted an emotionally gripping space for peaceful catharsis on their poignant new single “Layer You Up.” Most of the song hinges on gentle piano melody, and the lyrics seem to be from the perspective of someone reaching out to a loved one who has been emotionally struggling. “Layer You Up” quickly proves a unified front of subtle brightness, and progressing through the song feels like experiencing light slowly but surely filling a previously darkened, otherwise despondent-feeling room.

The opening segments establish the song’s wisps of gentle, meandering piano melody, which have an immersive feel and energy that are reminiscent of clouds floating through a bright blue sky, and the soulfully persistent vocals amplify this invitingly expansive musical feel. Simultaneous to this side of the band’s approach, which has been aptly described as cinematic, Circumnavigate also feel like they have finely tuned the prominent melody that is present to be as richly striking as possible, and the song crescendos quite stirringly into thicker, shoegaze-y music..

In other words, “Layer You Up” proves a both softly ambiance-setting and catchy tune, and the perhaps surprising breadth of dynamics within the track makes the experience feel really rich. At one point, the vocalist softly sings: “I see you wearing thin, so please just let me in. Let me layer you… give you a safe space.” The music supports this sentiment perfectly, in a real, emotionally tangible sense. With the subtly ensnaring melodies and eventually revealed broad, emotionally stirring ambiance, Circumnavigate sound like they’re inviting listeners to experience the world of “Layer You Up.”

5/5 Stars

Check out the music below! Circumnavigate are originally from Oslo, and their music has made some rounds already — their music was featured in the 2016 movie Almost Paris, directed by Domenica Cameron-Scorsese, the daughter of filmmaker Martin Scorsese.