Abandoncy Premiere Energetic Post-Hardcore Jam From Upcoming LP — Listen Here!

The Kansas City-area band Abandoncy are dropping their debut record, Hollow//Living, on August 21 via Zegema Beach Records and The Ghost is Clear Records. It feels like a churning pit of noise rock and post-hardcore, with plenty of abrasive elements to the sound alongside plenty of captivating melody. Get a first listen below to the band’s latest single, called “You’re All of America to Me.”

The song runs on lush yet ferocious post-hardcore melody with a real kick. For the first minute and a half or so, the band builds a feeling of looming chaos as if ominous storm clouds are approaching. Soulfully poignant yet harshly pointed vocals intermingle with restrained yet unstable rhythms that feel like a drunken dance towards the edge of a cliff. There’s a real meatiness to the band’s sound — rather than a smoothed-over cohesion, the pummeling drum patterns, contorted smacks of guitar riff, and deep bass groove feel aptly developed and in conflict throughout the song’s runtime, as if the melodies are running into each other, falling apart, and then running into each other again.

After about a minute and a half, the band kick into a heavier, fuller sound, as if they’ve made it to the edge of that metaphorical cliff and started kicking their instruments over the edge. The melody that’s present on the song throughout much of its duration definitely feels like something to latch onto as a foothold throughout the tumult, but it’s not exactly a respite — the feeling of the whole song is like a churning pit, and the cacophonous melodies, abrasive performances, and all-around invigorating energy feed into the orchestrated chaos.

Nab digital pre-orders at this link. Pre-order the record on CD or smoky brown cassette from Zegema Beach at this link if you’re in the U.S. and this link if you’re outside of it. The Ghost is Clear pre-orders are at this link.

Check out the song below!