Naisian Premiere Raging New Progressive Sludge Metal Single — Listen Here!

On September 25, the U.K.-based sludge metal band Naisian are dropping their second full-length album, Metal, via Sludgelord Records. The album packs some straightforwardly earth-rattling sludge metal with emotionally resonant swings in dynamics that are accomplished, in part, via elements like synths. Get a first listen below to the latest single from Naisian, which is called “Taft Point.”

The song opens on an invitingly familiar note of waves of monstrously heavy sludge metal riffs that feel like huge chunks get taken out of the earth with every swing, as if the band have captured the soundtrack to operating some kind of huge excavator that’s a part of a trailblazing demolition team. That’s definitely not all that Naisian have to offer, however — they quickly dial the intensity of their performance down a bit, which, more than just an interlude, provides the perfect jumping off point for the heavy tsunami of sound that kicks back in around the two-minute mark. The final moments before that return to the huge wall of sound feature nothing but gently ominous guitar strumming, and before that, there are some apparent synths mixed in with the less abrasive segment.

The “softer” (at least comparatively speaking) elements to the band’s sound feel important. They help ensure that rather than, say, feeling like you’re watching a metaphorical tsunami from a distance while listening to “Taft Point,” the song’s perspective feels like standing right smack dab in the middle of the shore while the metaphorical tsunami rolls in. Listeners get a chance to feel the full breadth of the exhilaration.

Nab pre-orders from Sludgelord Records (who has CD copies of the album) at this link. Follow the band on Facebook at this link. Naisian’s other discography includes a 2011 debut album, a short 2012 record, and — following a hiatus — a three-song release from July 2018.

Listen to the new single below!