Lacittàdolente Pack Perfectly Crushing Metallic Hardcore On New Single — Listen Here!

The Italian metallic hardcore group Lacittàdolente sound perfectly crushing on their disjointed new single “Sleazy,” which appears on their upcoming debut full-length album Salespeople. The U.K.’s Trepanation Recordings will be distributing Salespeople on cassette, while other labels will be handling CD copies (full info below). Get a first listen below to “Sleazy”!

On their new single, Lacittàdolente perform a variant of monstrously heavy mathcore. The band’s sound features devastating heaviness with chaotically lurching rhythms underneath the surface, somewhat (although not entirely) in line with bands like Converge. On a broad level, “Sleazy” sounds like undersea beasts breaking through the surface of the ocean over and over again, in rapid succession. Alternatively, on a bit more of a personal level, the perfectly off-kilter song feels like making a mad dash through chaos-ridden streets late at night as huge concrete chunks fall out of buildings on the way by.

The song runs on a constantly shaking foundation of monstrously heavy guitar riffing, deeply rattling bass, and pummeling drum rhythms. The whole vibe of the song feels significantly off-kilter, without ever really losing any of the monstrous forward energy that’s behind the constantly lurching creation.

The hoarse riffing throughout most of the first minute or so feels like a start-and-stop stagger that’s weighed down by some sort of suffocating quicksand. Afterwards, the music breaks off into more of a desperate dash — the jagged rock beds of riffs and drum blasts intermingle with electrically desperate-sounding portions. By shortly before the two-minute mark, the music thins out a bit (comparatively speaking), leaving a spotlight on gut-rattling basslines that feel simultaneously grueling and inescapably propulsive. As the bone-creaking tension sends listeners feeling like they’re hurtling towards a wall in the closing segments, the last half a minute or so suddenly features a casual-sounding hip-hop beat that feels slightly muffled as if it’s emanating from a distance.

Pre-order cassettes at this link and CDs at this link. CDs are available via Fresh Outbreak Records, Hidden Beauty Records, Mother Ship, SHOVE Records, Toten Schwan Records, and Violence In The Veins.

Check out the new song from Lacittàdolente below!