Juan Bond Premiere Pummeling New Heavy Mathcore Single — Listen Here!

On Jan. 1, the New York-based group Juan Bond will be dropping their ferocious debut full-length album, Womb, via Dark Trail Records, who are releasing 100 CDs in 4-panel digipaks that are made with 100 percent recycled material. Get a first listen below to the group’s new single “Bat,” which feels like a hungry jungle animal ready to prowl through some city streets.

The first 30 seconds or so hinge on galloping hardcore rhythms that feel like ice-cold splashes of water to the face. Subsequently, Juan Bond maintain their chest-rattling heaviness, but the group’s rhythms get significantly more erratic, as if transforming the riffs into frantic lunges of desperation. The song feels like observing dynamite blasting apart a building over and over again, as if trapped in a time loop — the band’s sound features some serious physical beefiness, and simultaneously, Juan Bond aptly capture a feeling of metaphysical panic.

During the latter half of this song, Juan Bond leap back into electrifying blasts of straightforward-feeling hardcore riffing, with drum cacophonies and frantically angular guitar rhythms that capture a feeling of emotional spiral. During the song’s final segment, poignant violin accompaniment bursts through the billowing musical haze.

On this track, Juan Bond sound like the possible result of The Dillinger Escape Plan covering some hardcore. The soulful abrasion of bands like The Number Twelve Looks Like You also shines through in Juan Bond’s triumphant tracks. “Bat” is an invigorating listen, albeit one that captures a feeling of exhaustion after spinning out through some mental turmoil. The utterly relentless energy and unhinged kick in the music give the track a psychologically abrasive feel, like metaphorically scrubbing out your insides.

Featured Image via Adam Lamothe

Pre-order Womb at this link.

Listen to “Bat” below! (If there is an issue with displaying the track, please refresh the page and/ or wait a moment.)