Megalophobe Premiere Expansive New Ambient/ Noise Journey — Listen Here!

New York’s Benjamin Levitt, performing under the moniker of Megalophobe, is presenting his new album Music for Resistance Fantasies on Dec. 18 via Nefarious Industries. Originally, this newly available music soundtracked a live dance performance in 2019, and as a whole, the music of Megalophobe generally features effects-heavy ambient accordion performances alongside elements like vocals, guitars, keys, field recordings, and more.

Get a first listen below to “Dreamy Reprise,” the latest track from Music for Resistance Fantasies.

The track provides a moving journey through ambiance. The extended, shimmering, and breathably somber tones evoke feelings like looking out over an extensive cityscape after a night of obvious chaos. The drawn out tension seems to capture a feeling of haunted shadows, like exhaustedly wondering what’s just around the corner while tiredly shuffling through that city. The music’s broad persistence feels cinematic, yet grounded, and the gentility of the dramatically billowing tones places a sense of personal urgency right at the center of this experience. The generally unencumbered sound seems to reflect a decidedly personal perspective, as if capturing the experience of standing entirely alone against an onslaught of chilly winds coursing through ominously expansive, concrete-filled surroundings.

The music doesn’t feel overly shrill or coarse, which makes the overarching vibe feel at least subtly bright, as if the sun is beginning to slowly emerge on the visible horizon within the music’s metaphorical soundscape. Across “Dreamy Reprise,” the tones persistently and confidently proceed, seemingly capturing an expansive, surroundings-conscious portrait of self-contemplation. The song feels like a moment of looking in a mirror — while the mirror is cracked and laying against a sidewalk.

“For ‘Dreamy Reprise,’ the last track on the album, I reworked the lead off ‘Dreamy,’ drawing things out, bringing out the nightmare,” Levitt explains. “I liked the idea of ending where I started, but more scuffed up. Even dreams that seem pleasant enough can be disturbing when we revisit them — the high notes start to distort and bend under the weight of a creeping low end, things are slower, and even if the tune is familiar, it’s not comforting.”

The music originally accompanied Marion Storm’s “Resistance Fantasies, Strategies For Moving Toward — And Against,” performed in 2019 at the Target Margin Theater in Brooklyn, New York. Pre-order Music for Resistance Fantasies at this link.

Listen below!