Adam Dodson Premieres Stirring New Single Of Shimmering Ambiance — Listen Here!

Adam Dodson, who performs with the Austin, Texas-based atmospheric post-rock group Zealand The North, has crafted a piece of poignantly shimmering ambiance for his new solo single “Normal As We Knew It.” The track appears on Dodson’s forthcoming full-length album, The Risk Of Dreaming, which he’s releasing to the world on March 19.

Get a first listen below to “Normal As We Knew It”!

Dodson is premiering a video for the moving track via YouTube, and the premiere is embedded below and shortly going live, alongside a Bandcamp track embed.

The tranquil song begins with resounding keys, and after about half a minute, Dodson introduces peacefully plucked, shimmering electric guitar as the keys continue. There’s a real sense of immersive atmosphere in the sound — the song feels lush and inviting, like the musical reflection of a foggy field on a bright summer morning.

As the track proceeds, Dodson grows the sound, adding a steady synth rhythm and broadening the atmosphere even further, but the music — which ends with a return to the tones from the first parts of the track — always feels personal. Although the vibes alone feel thoroughly compelling, the track maintains a sense of movement, like pensively walking through that foggy field without anyone else around. The song doesn’t feel preoccupied with getting to an endpoint — instead, the music serenely drifts along, providing space to find some peace in the contemplative journey, without worrying about a potentially elusive feeling of conclusion. It’s a sonic place to sit and take in surroundings.

There’s a real feeling of brightness in the atmosphere, like rays of sunlight slowly spreading across a horizon, and the track features a poignant feeling of peace while resting in the glow. Poignantly, the cover art for The Risk Of Dreaming features an image from a vantage point within vibrant foliage, and a feeling of nestling into the atmosphere courses through this music.

“This song is the product of a year that asked more questions than gave answers,” Dodson explains. “The world on pause offered me a chance for reflection. A sentimental demo from years ago revisited with a different perspective gave this song a chance to blossom into something new, approached with the purpose of recapturing lost emotions with the help of new experiences.”

Nab The Risk Of Dreaming across platforms at this link.

Check out “Normal As We Knew It” below!

And here is the video!