Lucius Fox Premiere Poignant & Pummeling New Post-Metal EP — Listen Here!

Lucius Fox, a duo from Michigan comprised of Jeremy Cronk on guitar and Paul Drake Jr. on drums, perform hard-hitting conceptual post-metal that lands with a splash on their new 3-track EP, Red Giant.

Get a first listen to the release below!

The performances across Red Giant feel marvelously intricate, and they’re often strikingly pummeling

“Claw of Archimedes,” which opens the release, starts off with fiercely revving riffing that feels a bit percussive and is pushed along by captivating and relentless blasts of energy. The guitar tones themselves also feel striking — at least comparatively speaking, the music sounds quite crisp, and there’s also quite a resonant feel in the sound, hinting at straight-up death metal vibes à la bands like Gojira. It’s beastly, and the hard-hitting drum rhythms expand the impact.

In the latter half of “Claw of Archimedes,” the riffing gets a bit more breathable before a sudden speed-up close to the very end. Throughout the whole piece, the music feels poignantly dramatic, like some grand cosmic light show. Although the sound is crisply hard-hitting, it’s intensely invigorating as “Basilosaurus,” the second track, kicks off on a wildly frenzied note. The drum rhythms feel like they’re capturing some sense of grand cosmic mania and the pointedly resonant riffing feels like it’s scooping out some massive trench in the earth.

The title track, which closes the record and features nearly seven minutes of compelling music, begins on a slightly prog-inflected note, but at the start, it’s not particularly contemplative or still, although the music does thin a bit after a couple of minutes ahead of a triumphantly powerful and compelling crescendo later on. This latter part of the title track puts the rich vibes at the core of the entire EP on central display. Often, the music is utterly wild, and it’s superbly pummeling — but it’s oddly beautiful. Moving through the songs feels like kicking back in front of some apocalyptic light show as the sky rearranges itself.

The duo’s Jeremy Cronk shares the following deets:

‘The three tracks that comprise Red Giant were written in the spring of 2020 and are separate self-contained stories. Each song was inspired by a different reading from my masters coursework last year. Claw of Archimedes is about an ancient ship-sinking weapon designed by the philosopher Archimedes, Basilosaurus is about a huge carnivorous prehistoric whale and Red Giant is about the sun engulfing the inner planets of the solar system in 7.9 billion years.

Paul and I wrote and arranged these songs with the intention of capturing the intensity of our live performance and all sounds heard were produced by guitar and drums. Red Giant was recorded November 13th and 14th of 2020 at Studio Pepper in Battle Creek. It was mixed by David Bauman and mastered by Brendon Infante. The album artwork was drawn by Craig Horky. The layout and Lucius Fox logo were created by Juan Dean.’

Listen to Red Giant below! (If there is an issue with displaying the music, please refresh the page and/ or wait a moment.)