Noisepoetnobody Premieres New Track Of Striking Dark Ambient/ Noise — Listen Here!

Casey Chittenden Jones, who performs under the moniker of Noisepoetnobody, is releasing Insanity Mirror, a brand new full-length album of dark ambient-oriented noise work, on April 2 via Scry Recordings.

Get a first listen below to the project’s new single, “Look At This View”!

The track’s cacophony includes blustery ambiance, jarring chirps, and other flourishes like static-textured tones that glitch into and out of earshot. The windy ambiance figures prominently in the mix — it builds and retracts across the track’s runtime, as if capturing the cadence of real-life wind gusts.

Although the intensity spikes, the track doesn’t feel particularly inaccessible. Instead, there’s a strange allure in the sound, as if — to take a cue from the album’s cover art — observing cityscape ruins that serve as a reminder of fundamental impermanence. On this track, the music feels like it provides a space for self-contemplation while venturing through an accidentally created wind tunnel between skyscrapers. The sound definitely feels teeming, but it’s not particularly overpowering.

Noisepoetnobody has poignantly expanded feelings associated with a sort of skin-prickling tension into a musical story of immersion. The gusty music generally flows forward, and the consistent forward energy helps form a sense of a relatively broad atmospheric soundscape. There’s definitely some tension between the pointedly clashing elements of the track and inherent in the slightly bracing vibes of the actual sounds, but there’s also a push ahead and maybe even a strange sense of surety. The track feels like a streetside scene, including plenty of concrete, that’s been suddenly transformed into still life portraiture.

There’s a sort of dream-like vibe in the sound as the edges morph and move, and the track feels, from one angle, like the sonic equivalent of a surrealist painting.

Insanity Mirror is the result of a process that self-imposes limitations in order to create a reproducible form of sound collage, an exercise that was repeated multiple times over the course of several months,” Noisepoetnobody explains.

“Each session begins with a single audio cassette – a copy of Fissure from the Public Eyesore label in SF (2016) featuring the percussion work of Eveline Müller and homemade instrumentation from Noisepoetnobody. The cassette is placed into a player that does not have a motor – all audio tape performance is done via manual wheel controller. Improvisations of cassette playback along with analog and digital audio manipulations create the foundation of sounds needed. That foundation track is then copied and reversed and then placed on top of itself like a mirror audio image. Edits from these recording sessions are then polished to create the finished examples of Insanity Mirror.”

They describe “Look At This View” in particular as “Abstract conversations about multi-directional audio reproduction and manipulations of perception.”

Photo via Briana Chittenden Jones

Pre-order Insanity Mirror and hear more from Noisepoetnobody at this link.

Listen to “Look At This View” below! (If there’s an issue with displaying the music, please refresh the page and/ or wait a moment.)