Wreche Premieres Entrancing New Track Of Guitar-less Black Metal — Listen Here!

Wreche — an Oakland, California-based project by John Steven Morgan — is mesmerizing. On Morgan’s visionary new album All my dreams came true, Wreche delivers a pulverizing maelstrom of black metal-oriented music without any guitars. Instead, Morgan sticks to elevating keys, forcefully triumphant synths, and a lacerating haze of drums, in addition to his vocals.

Get a first listen below to “Mysterium,” the latest single from All my dreams came true!

Although the album title suggests a scenario that’s at least a bit uplifting, that’s not all that’s at work here. Thanks to the uniquely glimmering key tones and the synths that feel a bit like the sounds of some kind of ominous sci-fi space epic, there’s definitely a current of brightness in the sound, but overall, the music seems to reverentially mix thoroughly compelling beauty with some kind of metaphysical ache. The rhythms are crushingly intense, although the song persistently soars, creating a feeling like getting whisked into some kind of oblivion where earthly concerns fade.

Most of “Mysterium” sticks to a quickly moving pace, although the track noticeably eases around its midpoint before moving into dramatically resounding synth hits evoking those illustrious sci-fi vibes. Elsewhere, the raging musical storm proves dynamic, with instrumentation that smooths out before promptly growing back into a frenzy, as though musically reflecting an experience of gripping existential tumult.

The track’s persistence makes it feel rather transcendent, as though it’s constantly reaching out beyond the bounds of the journey’s origin point. The absence of any guitars is hardly even noticeable, because the mix proves richly full. The track remains gritty, so rather than the classic sci-fi journey of slowly venturing into the atmosphere of some new world and taking in broad surroundings, the central perspective feels like riding in a careening capsule as it slams into the ground of some far-off locale, amplifying a sense of personal desperation — but that doesn’t dampen the majesty at all.

All my dreams came true releases in full on May 14 via Handsmade Records. Pre-orders for the record are at this link.

Listen below! (If there’s an issue with displaying the track, please refresh the page and/ or wait a moment.)