BEDTIMEMAGIC Premiere Gnarly Noise Rock From New LP — Watch The Video Here!

At this point, Boston’s BEDTIMEMAGIC are one of those bands that seem poised to pretty much always sound riveting.

The group’s often relatively high-energy noise rock  — or “trash rock,” as they call it, writhes like the contorted dance moves that you might see when it’s 2 A.M. on the dance floor and, actually, the “dance floor” is just you, alone, in your living room. A key element of the band’s creations is that they make the whimiscally disjointed frenzy exhilarating to wade within — it’s a rush to take in the musical moves contained by the sounds of BEDTIMEMAGIC.

Even as the music remains angular and just jarring, the ferocious energy makes it feel anthemic, as though a track of catchy-as-hell rock has been somehow sent through a food processor — which tends to make it more interesting, anyway.

BEDTIMEMAGIC also consistently have a quite intriguing edge to their music that could be described as soulful, essentially. Although the drums feel shudderingly intense, and the basslines carry that swirling quicksand vibe that can be oh-so-exciting (there are no guitars), the dynamics with which BEDTIMEMAGIC perform — as expressed perhaps most prominently in the vocals — suggest a sputtering spigot of real-world emotion has been fired up to provide a good chunk of the foundation for the music. Although it remains free-flowing, there’s also an air of desperation — an urgency that underlies the band’s push.

BEDTIMEMAGIC have a new album called Between The Sheets available from Forbidden Place Records. Below, take a first look at a video made for “Pass Out”! The clip features a ground-level look at a rolling cassette player as the track plays — amplifying that sense of ending up face-first in the dirt but (and this part is critical) having a good time.

Pre-order Between The Sheets in physical form at this link.

Check out the video below: