Here Are Three 2018 Shows Hitting The Central Florida Area That You Should Know About

The lifeblood of the music community was and continues to be the live concert experience. Shows range in size from the small club venture to a massive arena concert; whatever size they are, they’re opportunities for parts of the music community to come together for a good time and they’re simultaneously opportunities for bands to put their prowess on display for old and new fans alike.

Generally announced weeks to months in advance, concerts give a sort of backbone to the music community, serving to give artists and fans something to look forward to and prepare for and look back on — hopefully fondly — once they’ve past.

What follows are three 2018 components to that backbone that should not be missed.

The “Party Nights” U.S. Tour: Featuring Strawberry Girls, Night Verses, and Andrés, in addition to occasional local acts, the “Party Nights” tour sees some artists whose “alternative” music can be described as very conducive to — as the tour name suggests — having a good time trekking across the United States.

Strawberry Girls — the headliner — is an instrumental act, with no large presence of vocals in their music, that creates dazzling and forceful songs. Most of Night Verses’ music released to date has vocals, but they’re an act of the same strain as Strawberry Girls whose music is striking in terms of just how energetically technical and precise it is. Andrés takes the elements inherent in the music from the other two acts on the bill and adds an element of intelligent quirkiness to it.

The tour starts in northern California, makes it all the way to Florida, and then goes all the way back across the country and ends in southern California. Check out the dates here.

FERO LUX w/ Royal Graves, Luvlost, and Freakazoid!: Speaking of Florida, this next show is specific to the area and not a part of a broader tour. The clever, simultaneously technical and heavy musicians in FERO LUX, a band from Florida, will be playing a show in Orlando, Florida, on July 6 with bands both of their same strain and somewhat distinct from it. FERO LUX, the headliners, play a catchy, energetic form of “mathcore,” that highly complex, highly energetic music made by bands like The Dillinger Escape Plan. Get tickets here.

The Body & others: The alternative metal outfit known as The Body is an act that any fans of truly experimental heavy music would do well to get familiar with. They push heavy music to remarkable extremes, while their extremes are not defined solely by heaviness. Rather, you might say that they push music in all directions — and in May 2018, they released a new album. Supporting it, they will be going on tour throughout spring and summer of 2018, including a stop in Orlando, Florida, on July 18. Get tickets here.

These three shows are only a fraction of the ones that you should no doubt know about that will be happening around the Central Florida area throughout 2018, but they’re a good starting point.

Featured Image via Essential Galleries on Flickr, Available Under a Creative Commons License