Fit For A King’s Tour Hits The Soundbar In Orlando, Florida — August 11, 2018

Fit For A King’s fall 2018 tour ahead of the release of Dark Skies hit the Soundbar in Orlando, Florida, on August 11. The fierce, dynamic metalcore band led a sold-out venue’s crowd through a set that included singles off Dark Skies and older tracks like “Bitter End” off 2013’s Creation / Destruction. 

The show was towards the very end of the tour and and crowd brought the heat — literally. Chris Roetter with Like Moths To Flames joked during his band’s opening set that some things about the room never change — particularly how it feels when there are hundreds of fans. The compact bar venue helps the wild intensity of the show along — it’s not as though there’s tons of space just to stand around.

The venue used to be known as the Backbooth, and over the years, has hosted a continuous stream of nationally — and internationally — known heavy bands while maintaining its small venue allure. Fit For A King played there in 2017 with Like Moths To Flames and In Heart’s Wake — the latter of which made it onto the full final cross country run of Warped Tour. This time around, they were with Currents in addition to LMTF, both of which hyped up the crowd — to put it lightly. Most of the hundreds of people in the crowd were moving at times — there was little boundary between a “pit” and a “crowd.”

Judging off the crowd’s reaction, Fit For A King’s fans are as psyched about Dark Skies as they are for older material that’s come out from the band.

Through the heaviness and pounding breakdowns they share, there’s a personal touch that keeps the band engaging — and there was even a marriage proposal on stage before FFAK played their encore to drive that point home.

Fit For A King, their fans at their early fall 2018 Orlando stop — and even the venue itself — feel as made for each other as possible, so this energy is going to be circulating for some time to come.

Check out some photos below.

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