Listen Exclusively Here To The Thrilling Chaos Of OLAM’s Debut Album

The debut full-length album from Indianapolis’ band OLAM is a ferocious, raging beast — and available to listen to exclusively below ahead of its release later this week. The ten tracks absolutely explode with energy that’s expressed through a variety of potent means, from mind-blasting, crashing waves of emotional fury to utterly frantic chaos to a blend of the two during sinister standout moments like the track “Razorblades As Neckties” and the absolutely epic crusade of an album closer.

Essentially every moment during this album gets the mind moving and easily the body too as the band absolutely melt down in a strikingly controlled and carefully constructed musical context. They’ve captured “the brink” in sonic form, and if you’re a thrillseeker or needing to look at something closely that’s up there — you’re in luck, because OLAM have got you covered. Just turn on their new album, and ensure that your immediate physical environment is clear because the crushing impact of I Will Guide Thy Hand is positively inescapable.

They’ve got something for fans of everything from older Daughters material to “classic” noisy screamo like Loma Prieta to more directly “heavy” material like Wristmeetrazor offer on their newest album. Most importantly, they carve out their own very unique space where the focus feels more on the experience of their music than, say, showing off their abilities with instruments or anything of the sort — although make no mistake, the complexity of I Will Guide Thy Hand is impressive. Still, the band seem focused on digging into a particular emotional point where you’ve been in the rapids for so long that it almost feels like home, even though the force of what’s carrying you along hasn’t abated in the slightest.

The outcome of their work is thrilling, and even completely without a live presence carries an almost surprising amount of weight. Their music will course through you and make you feel like you’re at a live show — and isn’t that a nice part of what it’s all about anyway? Connecting those who’ve ended up in similar positions across time and space?

Really, don’t miss this record. It’s a thrilling and cathartic wonder.