Listen Exclusively Here To The Raging Visceral First Single From Mireplaner’s Debut LP

Mireplaner sound like they hold nothing back. The furious Finnish outfit quickly get into a groove on their debut album’s first single, but they pack that space with a caustic stew of visceral sonic mayhem, leaving one never quite sure of what’s coming next but inescapably along for the ride all the same.

Check out the song exclusively below! Called “The Elkhorn Coral,” it heralds the incoming arrival of the full-length A Mountain of Saola Hooves on May 3.

Via their guitarist and vocalist Eeli Helin, the band share: “We decided to lead A Mountain of Saola Hooves with this song since it’s the most vicious, straightforward and shortest song on the LP,  yet it encapsulates a lot of our essence without giving too much away. When we started to compose the record, we decided to bring the hardcore and sludge influences up front a bit more. ”The Elkhorn Coral” was one of the first songs we wrote, and it also sort of set the certain undertone for the rest of the record. We’ve been working with this release for a little under a year now, but some delays and frustration here and there just added a new depth to the overall bill. We are extremely happy with it and can’t wait to finally release it.”

It’s true — the song thrashes with a particularly hardcore energy, although overall, the structure feels quite sprawling. It hits an amazing sweet spot between an array of extremes and leaves a deep impression, proving brutal but sinister at the same time. The band wield walls of raging sound here, but the impacts are focused, like they’re aiming to unearth a particular deposit of tension that’s grown under the surface. Mireplaner’s new song almost feels like a sonic weapon, like in the space of just a few minutes, they’ve captured the feeling of fear and escapism that come with a formidable opponent, but the issue is — there’s no escape.

“The Elkhorn Coral” is a stunning experience and feels like getting transported to some almost post-apocalyptic mayhem. On this track, rather than focus on the desolate landscape (metaphorical or otherwise) or some otherwise birds-eye view, Mireplaner dig into a personal perspective on massive destruction — and it’s powerful.

Pre-order the record via Mireplaner’s Bandcamp.