Listen Now To An Exclusive Batch Of Sprawling Screamo Via No Funeral Records

Ontario’s No Funeral Records have a new treat — a batch of mostly exclusive tracks from artists across the underground screamo scene compiled into their first label compilation. The collection features poignant material from dianacrawls to Botfly, essentially all of whom bring something refreshingly different. The compilation walks through almost the full range from technicality-inclined, “jazzy” material that feels like a strange and emotional dream to intense blasts of fury that feel like getting caught in a storm.

Listening through the compilation quickly proves an inescapably unique experience. Where else are you going to hear the harsh screamo band dianacrawls belt out the excitingly twisted Primus track “Too Many Puppies”? On the surface level, the track might seem harmless, but it only gets more suspicious and crazy in this band’s hands, who are fresh off their late 2018 release Sporadic Defenestration, which tended towards the same harsh and gloriously welcome sonic derangement. It’s music to escape into a moody fantasy to — or available to deal with whatever the fuck is in front of you, since that can get wild.

There are plenty of standout moments along these same lines that run the full gamut from making you stop, think — and feel — to sending jolts of energy through your body as the band in question spiral like a somehow musical car wreck.

Altogether, the 25 minutes of chaos serve as a fitting musical tribute to the communal scene so many of us hang onto so dearly. Much of its power rests in the volume of emotional experience captured via instruments, and that range gets put on clear display here. No wanderer gets left behind — even if you haven’t figured out you’re a bit off the edge yet.

Listen below via Bandcamp! No Funeral Records have featured releases from bands including dianacrawls, Piet Onthel, and Karloff before alongside other gems like the self-titled Nuvolascura record. Stay tuned for more.

The full tracklisting is:

  1. Karloff – Borboleta
  2. Botfly – Truth in Numbers
  3. Burial Etiquette – Flowers For A Broken Machine
  4. Joliette – Muletilla Japonesa (あのう)
  5. dianacrawls – Too Many Puppies (Primus cover)
  6. Our Wits That Make Us Men – See You Later (You Weren’t You)
  7. Piet Onthel – Blackheart
  8. Gillian Carter – Dialogue (Live 2015)