Explore Interstitia’s Debut Full-Length Of Captivating Soundscapes Exclusively Here

The stirring music of Interstitia delivers you carefully into an unfamiliar but beautiful mental environment, and you can listen exclusively below for the first time to this project’s debut full-length album Ever Onward Ever Inward.

The work of Asheville, North Carolina’s Graham Scala, these entirely instrumental songs share minimal but utterly striking experimental electronics work that delivers pretty captivating texture and atmosphere simultaneously. There’s a cloud of peaceful ambiance that covers this whole work, and at the same time, Scala has populated the underbrush of his music with a whole array of truly interest-grabbing musical progressions and thereby made his album feel like it packs something new and exciting around every metaphorical corner. Thanks to the complete lack of lyrics, you’re left feeling empowered to pair these feelings to the environments actually around you while savoring the music and examining the emotional nuances between resignation and bursting brightness transmitted through this album. This dynamic music feels like an easily everyday thing — it can hang there while you’re sipping coffee in the morning looking out a window, wondering what just happened when the work day draws to a close, and more.

Scala shares of the process bringing this emotionally illuminating work to light:

This was the first album I’ve made where I felt completely unconstrained. Though it’s not my initial release in this genre, it’s the first where I felt comfortable with the tools at hand. Working on my own allowed me to operate with no deadlines or limitations, which was extremely important as I’ve been learning how to make these sounds as I go with no real guidance other than that provided by trial and error. The album is one baby step down a path I’m still learning how to navigate, but the freedom involved in making it helped me create what’s probably the closest to an unfiltered version of myself that I’ve ever been able to craft.

Scala has truly captured a stirring portrait of meaningful contemplation with the new Interstitia album, which is the first full-length to come from the project. His work also features on the sometimes wildly different output from bands including Harmonic Cross, Highness, Forensics, Souvenirs Young America, and Bleach Everything, who just came out with their roaring debut metallic hardcore full-length So We Gnaw. Scala has also previously released experimental music under the moniker Ventoux.

Without further ado — behold the stirring mental journey of Ever Onward Ever Inward, which when considered in light of these sounds feels like a truly fitting name. The full album hits public availability on July 26 via Pax Aeternum, a digital-only imprint of Dark Operative.