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Immerse Exclusively Here In Fawn Limbs’ New Mind-Melting Musical Freakout

Fawn Limbs’ music comes down like a row of meat cleavers on their new track “Harm Remissions,” which is taken from their upcoming debut full-length album of the same name and is available to listen to for the first time exclusively below. The track freely blends perhaps initially familiar heavy music sensibilities until they’re a wonderfully mangled monster, bursting from around the corner and chasing you down the street. Overall, at least on this track, the band perform a sort of noise-laden, atmospheric grind, with a super heavy emphasis on the latter part of that equation. On a mental level, this music feels like it’s clawing your psyche apart, and whether you put it back together is up to you — this perfectly maniacal song’s straightforward purpose simply rests with destruction. It’s not just packing rage; it’s delivering a gripping snapshot of the surreal realm in which that left in rage’s wake sits.

The masterminds behind this chaos have worked on a significant number of other projects lately too. The super heavy, “chaotic post-metal” of Mireplaner recently roared out on its debut album A Mountain of Saola Hooves, which also features Fawn Limbs’ vocalist and guitarist Eeli Helin. Meanwhile, Fawn Limbs’ drummer Lee Fisher works on other projects like the microtonal metal of Infinite Nomad, and bassist Samuel Smith contributes his talents to the intense “avantgarde death metal” of Aeviterne, which apparently has a new album mostly formed. The list of the three members’ other involvement goes well on from there too.

The full album Harm Remissions will be available digitally on August 2. Right now, you can pre-order a cassette copy of the madness from Sludgelord Records at this link, and vinyl editions should be coming in early 2020 via the cooperative work of Roman Numeral Records and Wolves In Vibrancy Records.

Without further ado — behold the mind-melting mania of Fawn Limbs’ newest single “Harm Remissions,” which is the final release ahead of the full-length. The band waste absolutely no time getting right into their musical meltdowns, and as the track goes on, somehow they manage to feel like they get even more intense while still remaining gripping.