Listen Here For The First Time To New Immersive Cascadian Ambiance From Entrail

The Pacific Northwest-based project Entrail is now ready to present their latest album to the world in full. Listen for the first time below to Eater Of Starlight, an exploration of some of the outer reaches of contemplative sound. Quite uncategorizable, this complexly flowing music includes gentle ambiance twisted up through more directly heavy atmosphere. As the number of musical ingredients grows, so does the emotional weight, until this music leaves you feeling like you’re sitting in a rainstorm that’s slowly but surely soaking you.

Taking the track “The Cup” as an example, Entrail founds the journey on contemplative, somber tones before slowly but surely building into lyrical explorations of the “bitterness” at hand and eventually adding complexity like twisting lines from a violin. The combined result feels like an encapsulation of subtly but surely struggling in a breakaway from semblances of stability, and the open-endedness of this sound allows the music to feel that much more easily relatable. You can take these expressions of a deeply rooted break as covering visible destruction of the natural world and the degradation of the cities we replace it with, and you can experience this music as an outpouring of more directly personal disconnect.

The artist has explained elsewhere:

This album for me was a falling-upward into an offworld headspace. I felt ungrounded and found myself conveying the terror of that journey. My intention, when I started writing this music, was to offer some kind of healing after my last album, which was focused on themes of impending ecological collapse. What came out though was more catharsis, more darkness. I cannot offer resolved healing through this music because I am not there yet myself — I still have to work with these demonic sensations; I still have to find my way back to Earth after dissociating from it so hard.

Without further ado — dive into Eater Of Starlight below. The music has been made available via Scry Recordings, a label led by Joy Von Spain from the intense experimental group Eye Of Nix. Entrail, meanwhile, has previously performed with the likes of Neurosis’ Scott Kelly, The Body, Dispririt, Yob’s Mike Scheidt, and Aerial Ruin.