Listen Exclusively Here To Brand New Controlled Chaos From Doom Shrugs

Music from the New Zealand-based frantic mathcore project Doom Shrugs feels like the sonic equivalent of a brain teaser — or more precisely, some mystifying mathematical theorem. The heavy intensity starts and stops on a dime while mastermind Rory Jackson wheels out a thrilling cacophony. Every moment feels packed to the brim with perfectly unnerving tension — including the track “No, You Are” off upcoming album The Sciolist Pace of the Cycleless Trace, which you can listen to for the first time exclusively below.

On “No, You Are,” Jackson abruptly gets into quick waves of noise that feel pockmarked with melodic sweeps just substantive enough to keep all of the rush going the same direction. You’ll never truly know what’s just around the corner here, as the song takes perfectly unpredictable twists that come together with a resounding cohesive force to knock you off balance — mentally, at least. It’s a roller coaster, and it’s great.

The album will be available in full on November 7 via the Quebec-based Not Music, which is making CDs available. (It’s also going to be stream-able thanks to Stupid Square, a New Zealand-based label for self-releasing music including Doom Shrugs and Dissociating.)

Printed on the CD packaging and available alongside Bandcamp streams, the artist explains the following:

This album is an interpretation of the idea of cyclic time from a pessimistic, linear-time perspective, as a metaphor for the locus of control and the use of introspection as a means of dealing with negative emotions. The concept of time being a cycle of several epochs appears in many ancient belief systems… much like the cycle is supposed to go on and the present negative epoch will come to an end, negative emotions too are inherently impermanent.

Check it out, and click through to pre-order!