Constants Premiere Soulfully Surging Sunny Day Real Estate Cover — Listen Here!

Sunny Day Real Estate lives again — sort of. The Boston shoegaze band Constants (who include a lot of other elements in their sound too, like the lengthy melodies of post-rock and post-metal) are now premiering a remastered version of a cover that they’ve recorded of the Sunny Day Real Estate track “One,” whose longing-inflected lyrics fit right in with Constants’ soulfully surging sound. Get a first listen below!

The track appears on an upcoming new album from the band called Devotion, which features “a collection of new songs, b-sides, remixes and rarities that have been released over the last decade on various albums, all remastered and collected here in one place,” the band explain on the album’s Bandcamp page. The album features tracks like Constants songs that have been remixed as part of band member Will Benoit’s especially ambient project Living Phantoms and even a Constants track that’s been remixed by Justin K. Broadrick.

On this track, Constants sound quite triumphant thanks to the surging pushes of the song’s melody, and the emotionally unraveling richness of the song’s thick, repeatedly somewhat shoegazey sound makes those triumphant waves feel quite well-earned. There’s a real poignant sincerity in this particular expression of the lyrics about coming together as one — in this particular incarnation of the song, the rich and dramatic dynamic surges in the singing and rest of the musical elements really make the tune land quite poignantly.

Listen to the Constants cover of “One” below! Click through for album pre-orders or nab them at this link. Devotion drops soon; on May 1.