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In Wolves Clothing Premiere Fiercely Captivating New Screamo LP — Listen Here!

The Richmond, Virginia-based In Wolves Clothing deliver a captivating whirlwind of frequently blistering post-hardcore on their new album It Eats Itself, available via Zegema Beach Records. The band veers between blasts of riffs that feel like they’re themselves shrieking and formidably heavy guitar melodies that whip along through the mix. The group’s new album feels like the energy of unhinged hardcore funneled into an especially close-to-the-chest, emotionally raw listening experience, and it’s great. Get a first listen below!

The hardcore-esque melodies in the mix are strong and captivating — and at points like track two, they get especially poignant and forward — but In Wolves Clothing pockmark their creations with streaks of staggering, unhinged energy, which bring together hardcore ferocity with the emotional upheaval of some of the most gripping screamo.

Frequently, like on the standout track “They Don’t Anesthetize,” the somber but energetic melodies that In Wolves Clothing wheel out provide for a sense of contemplative self-assessment amidst the physically ferocious haze. The slowed down melodies in the beginning segments of that track provide for awesomely staggering crescendos into further heaviness as the song proceeds, and that pattern of sonically spiraling into repeated ferocious onslaughts continues throughout It Eats Itself. There’s a real musically expressed sense of the full scope of the album’s intense journey.

The music of In Wolves Clothing would likely appeal to fans of groups including Cease Upon the Capitol, Ostraca, Shin Guard, and Carrion Spring, among others. They share members with a slew of groups, including Mothlight, Yusuke, Gas Up Yr Hearse!, Majorel, Altar Of Complaints, мятеж, Van Hagär, Smoke Signals, and Skull Kid. If you like the cacophonous hardcore of In Wolves Clothing, then check out that list of groups for further exploration.

The album comes in a 50 cassette run, including 30 on marble swirl, 10 on purple, 5 on blue/gold marble swirl, and 5 test dips, all of which come with a jcard, insert, and download code.

Nab a tape at this link if you’re in the U.S. and this link if you’re outside of it. U.S. orders begin shipping mid-May, but international orders begin shipping immediately.

Check out the music below!

Check out photographs below of what you can nab from Zegema Beach:

Each Variant
Marble Swirl
Blue and Gold Marbled Swirl